IASSIST Conference 2016 - Bergen, Norway

Embracing the "data revolution": opportunities and challenges for research


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The theme of this year's conference is Embracing the "data revolution": opportunities and challenges for research. We are in the midst of a "data revolution". The evolving landscape of data, including the growth of digital "big data", open data, and open science, presents opportunities and challenges for social science, digital humanities, and related disciplines. What does this mean for researchers? What impact is there on data infrastructures, technology, standards, best practices, tools, services and training? What are the current research needs and trends?

Data are changing. The reality is that traditional research is costly and time-consuming to produce, with tangible data and research gaps across disciplines. Sensors, mobile devices, social media, linked data, digital text, networks, cloud computing, etc. represent the varied, large-volume, complex, unstructured, new generation of data. These emerging sources of data are increasingly sought after by researchers to collect and analyse vast amounts of data using new forms of data analytics and scientific applications.

Open data and open science, movements that aim to make research data more transparent, accessible, and widely available, strongly encourage that research data be shared openly so that research can be reproduced and reused effectively to the benefit of furthering scientific inquiry.

In all respects, data have not lost any of their value. We as data and information technology professionals are faced with opportunities and challenges to embrace the "data revolution", alongside current research needs and demands. It is our role to critically address issues around the use of standards, best practices, infrastructure, data-driven technology, tools, services, training, and promotion. More importantly, we need to demonstrate how access to quality data remains central to research. This year, the focus of IASSIST is on our roles in supporting research in this age of "data revolution". We welcome submissions on the theme outlined above and encourage conference participants to propose papers and sessions that will be of interest to a diverse audience.

Session Tracks

To facilitate the organization and scheduling of sessions, three distinct tracks have been established. If you are unsure which track your submission belongs in or you feel that it applies to more than one track, submit your proposal and if accepted, the Program Committee will find an appropriate fit. We are encouraging proposals from groups of individuals to form critical panel discussions, papers, roundtables, as well as individual session presentations, posters, and pecha kuchas.

Track 1: Research Data Management

Data archives and repositories for "big data" (e.g. unstructured, administrative data etc.)

Track 2: Data Services

Track 3: Data Developers and Tools

Conference Formats

The Program Committee welcomes proposals for the following formats: Pre-conference workshops

Deadline for submissions December 4th, 2015
(Notification of acceptance early February, 2016)

Questions and support e-mails:

Workshops: If you have questions or suggestions about the pre-conference workshops, contact the workshop coordinators directly:
Samantha Guss
Katharin Peter

General Program: If you have questions about the conference program or suggestions, please e-mail the program planning committee at IASSIST2016@gmail.com

Assistance with proposals: We are committed to encouraging participation by early career and/or first time presenters in the program at IASSIST 2016. If you would like assistance in developing a proposal for any presentation format, please contact Amy Pienta (co-chair of the IASSIST Professional Development Committee).